Monday, November 16, 2009

WOW! It has been a while~

I had no idea how many people viewed this blog...I have been away since June and since that time I have received over 5ooo visitors...could just be my mom but it's nice nontheless. So, I'll start by saying the shop is coming along nicely; we now have approximately 50 artisans and showcase amazing jewelry, handbags, homedecor, candles of course and now my new line of olive oil balms called "OLIVE". We have our first show as a shop coming up this weekend. Its the biggest Arts and Craft show held in San Antonio with 400,000 people attending and over 550 vendors. We will be on the concourse which is the main building...and its kind of a big deal. You can't just get a space on the concourse you have to get on a waiting list, a waiting list you could be on for years before you get the call; but through the power of simple kindness I made my way from back stable building to the showroom floor. I started an Esty shop where I am trying to sell this incredible line(OLIVE) to the far I have sold "two"~~~If interested in trying you can click on the budda image to the right. Well, that's all for now but more is to come ~ Come back soon and I will too(I pinky sware)!

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