Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Coming in March...Luminarias will open the first Candle Bar in
San Antonio.
In addition to our Signature Collection, customers can
choose to create their own candle from our collectionof over 100 scents .
Pick your scent, pick your color, pick your type of candle...
all by the pound and all at great prices!

The 9oz jar/$12.00 or 2/$20.00
Votive/10 for $12.oo
Tealights/30 for $15.00
Tarts/30 for $12.00

Our Starting Scent Inventory

Creamy Vanilla
StrawberryStrawberry Passion
Hibiscus Island
Hershey's Chocolate
Red Apple
Green Apple
Cucumber Melon
California Merlot
Sweet Cut Grass
Clean Linen
Birthday Cake
Raspberry Chocolate Drizzle
Peaches n' Cream
Balsam & Cedar
Sage & Citrus
Clean Cotton
Cool Cucumber
Pink Lime
Pink Grapefruit
Sugar Cookie
Carmel Apple
Cherry Blossom
China Rain
Country Breeze
Flowering Dogwood
Green Tea & Cucumber
Lily of the Valley
Rose Petals
Raspberry Violet
Plum Streusel
Sandalwood & Ginger Apple
Sugar Cookie

Name Brand Perfumes

Cool Water

Victoria Secret Collection

Endless Love
Love Spell
Dream Angel's HALO
Forbidden Fantasy
Forever Romance
Pure Seduction
Sweet Temptations
Warm Embrace

Monday, February 8, 2010

ReLaunching Our Consultant Program!!!

Luminarias started as a local candle line several years ago and was sold through consultants via candle parties. We have grown into a local boutique but have decided to relaunch our consultant program. We make it super simple...you make 30% of each candle sale...we currently offer 30 scents in our regular collection and our jars sell for $9.00. Candle orders can be placed then picked up at our boutique. Our montly minimum in order to get our jars at the 30% discount is only 15 jars for the first 3 months then 10 jars every month thereafter. This is a very easy way to make extra money because our line is INCREDIBLE and sells itself! We our offering the consultant program again because we are in Alamo Heights and want to make our candles available to those who aren't in the area. For additional information please drop us a line~


Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Two New Candle Scents on the Horizon~

Well, first the show went well. We shared a space with a veteran vendor and to say we were busy is a huge understatement. I am so sorry but I have no pictures. I just plain forgot the camera and our proessional photo taker wasn't able to make it either. On the plus side, I secured our own space smack dab in the middle of the concourse for next year. As for ETSY and OLIVE, I purchased a showcase and that showcase yielded 5 sales! Our MADAGASCAR EUCALYPTUS seems to our 2nd best seller behind LAVENDER. So overall I am happy with our progression with the whole ETSY process. The boutique is adding a few new artisans next week and we now only have 5 spaces available. And we will be adding two new candle scents shortly...the first will be "COWBOY" which is a woodsy musk scent that is mellowed with a delicate vanilla and hints of sweet cream. Might sound strange, but the scent is amazing! Then I will release "HUCKELBERRY BLUE" which is a blueberry scent. I have wanted a blueberry scent for years but I am finally satisfied that I have created the most perfect blueberry candle EVER.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009


So I am really giving Etsy a shot...I have an old Etsy account that I set up back in 2006 primarily to buy, but from time to time I would sell a few things(collectibles and currently a fun little candle collection called "Cupcake"). Now I plan to really give Etsy a try with my new shop "OLIVE". I created the account on November 3rd but did not set up a listing until the 11th; as of today I have made three sales. I am taking that money and putting it towards a SHOWCASE listing which will be Sunday the 22nd. Its wierd, because I get such a thrill with each online sale...I sell OLIVE daily at Luminarias and yet it doesn't feel half as exciting as when I get the email that I have an ETSY sale. What is the deal with that?!? So I'll keep you posted ~ and in other news, the big show is just days away and I am so excited! When I get back I will tell you all about it!

Monday, November 16, 2009

WOW! It has been a while~

I had no idea how many people viewed this blog...I have been away since June and since that time I have received over 5ooo visitors...could just be my mom but it's nice nontheless. So, I'll start by saying the shop is coming along nicely; we now have approximately 50 artisans and showcase amazing jewelry, handbags, homedecor, candles of course and now my new line of olive oil balms called "OLIVE". We have our first show as a shop coming up this weekend. Its the biggest Arts and Craft show held in San Antonio with 400,000 people attending and over 550 vendors. We will be on the concourse which is the main building...and its kind of a big deal. You can't just get a space on the concourse you have to get on a waiting list, a waiting list you could be on for years before you get the call; but through the power of simple kindness I made my way from back stable building to the showroom floor. I started an Esty shop where I am trying to sell this incredible line(OLIVE) to the masses...so far I have sold "two"~~~If interested in trying you can click on the budda image to the right. Well, that's all for now but more is to come ~ Come back soon and I will too(I pinky sware)!
P.S. www.LuminariasTheBoutique.com

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Collectible Candle Collection~

Do you love vintage glass??? We do to!

We collect them from all over and now have a great idea

about what to do with (SOME) of them!

We are turning our found treasures into candle holders.

A truly Collectible Collection!

4400 Broadway, Ste 106
San Antonio, TX 78209