Friday, May 29, 2009

In just a couple of days...

Luminarias will open. So much still to do, and we have shipments that still have yet to arrive. Tonight however we did get a few things in and this is my new favorite thing. Porcelin with beautiful detail and 14" diameter...just need a cake!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Isn't it lovely~~~

I will get pictures up soon~I promise!!!

In the meantime I will tell you that this journey has
actually been a fun one. I have learned so much! We will
be moving in over the next few weeks. We are doing one
more show in Corpus Christi so all the focus is on that
right now but as of the 25th it'll finally be all about the
shop. The sign is up and its gorgeous. Girard's in San Antonio
did it and there work is amazing. We are still waiting on the
other half of our displays to arrive which should be Tuesday and
we still have a few more shipments trickling in. We have
advertisement in the UIW paper this month and plan on advertising
in the Express News sometime in June. Thanks again for those who
have cheered us on and of course to those who have promised to
stop by; we so look forward to meeting you all.
And the pictures are a coming~~